Do Your Website & Social Media Pages Create Revenue?

The online digital properties for your business should do more than just “look good.” They should tell your story, attract and retain customers, and convert leads into sales.

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Digital Marketing is critical for any local business these days! People are looking for your products or services on their phones, tablets and computers every day. Is your online “net” big enough to catch those potential customers and clients? Or are your competitors snapping them up? Digital marketing for local companies (done correctly) is a tremendous asset to capture new and ongoing revenue. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dominate your local market!

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Digital Marketing Services for Local Business

Online Marketing for a local business is essential. It's also complicated! Should you attempt it on your own? Do you even have the time?

Online Marketing for local businesses has never been more important!

As a local business owner, you know how important it is to have a steady flow of qualified buyers or customers for your products or services. Marketing your business online (commonly referred to as digital marketing or internet marketing) is a must, and also a tremendous opportunity.

Your website, social media pages, links, and other pages are all online properties that you own, and you can leverage them to attract customers and clients, increase sales, and build your brand. Most small businesses still don’t understand the importance of developing these properties and using them to grow revenue!

Competition for sales is as fierce as ever, and if your competitors understand how to use internet marketing better than you, they will grab those sales, grow their business (at yours’ expense!), and reap the benefits!

Effective digital marketing services for local businesses require a comprehensive strategy, leveraging all online properties for your company to maximize the return on your investment and attract more customers. Online marketing can be complicated, and changes constantly. What brought in customers or leads in your industry last year may not now. Most small business owners realize that marketing online is important, but they don’t have the expertise or the time to do it themselves and keep up with it, so it often gets neglected. If this is happening in your business we can almost guarantee that you have at least some competitors who ARE maximizing their digital marketing and winning sales and revenue that could have been yours!

Many local companies have a basic website that looks good, and they post on social media from time to time, because someone told them they should or they just think they need to, and figure that is “good enough.” These businesses are missing out BIG TIME!

A proper digital marketing strategy will use your website, Facebook page, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, Tweets, and any other online “real estate” all working together to build your brand, rank your company number one in Google and Bing searches, and show your business online as THE premier provider of products and services in your area.

But who has the time? If you’re a typical business owner, you’re dealing with any number of important issues all the time. Employees, suppliers, quotes, customer service issues, phone calls, accounting, and on and on. Sometimes those immediate concerns can overshadow your efforts to look forward, plan and grow your business. All those things are important however, without a steady flow of potential revenue, they are moot points!

As a business owner, you need to know how to invest your capital to pay the most return. For example, let’s say you have a of vehicles in your company, and they crucial to your daily operations. Are you personally performing maintenance on them, or do you hire a professional mechanic or take them to a repair shop, where there are people trained to properly keep them running so that your day to day operations don’t suffer and you don’t lose money?

Well how is your marketing any different? Sure, you could spend hours and dollars researching and learning all about online digital marketing, and then do all the work yourself developing a plan, and implementing and maintaining it. But is that really your best investment of time? Do you even have the time to attempt that? Probably not. But a reputable, results-driven digital marketing agency professional does!

Our mission at Elevate Solutions Group is simple; to create digital marketing strategies, systems, and online properties that will help you reach your sales and revenue goals, while returning more profit dollars than the marketing investment.

Let’s get started with a no-obligation consultation. I promise no sales pitches or hard sells! I’m here to help. I’ll look at your online marketing and evaluate it for you.

Online Digital Internet Marketing Services provided by Elevate Solutions Group

What would YOU call online marketing? Complicated? Confusing? Too time consuming? A waste of money? Well, I can agree with that outlook. When I tried internet marketing for the first time my efforts were a complete failure! I was running a small local retail store for an owner, and trying to help it grow. Unfortunately I had no idea what I was doing and wasted his money. We didn’t have the budget to hire a digital marketing agency at that time and, frankly, didn’t even know what kind of marketing services we needed or even had a strategy or goal! Needless to say that business sadly did not succeed.

But I did learn a valuable lesson about small business marketing. Without a well defined goal, and a plan to get there, you’re really just throwing money into a black hole.

The good news is that digital marketing for small and local businesses, done correctly, WILL bring in more customers, grow your business and, most importantly, will give a tremendous return on your investment!

So the first question that needs to be addressed is what is online marketing, or internet marketing, or digital marketing? And what are they in the context of YOUR business?

There are many types of digital marketing for a small or local focused business:

Website Design (the RIGHT way)
     – Search Engine Marketing Optimization (SEO/SEM)
     – Social Media Marketing
     – Lead Generation
     – Content Marketing
     – Email Marketing
     – Organic Search Marketing
     – Paid Search Marketing (Google or Facebook Ads for example)
     – 360 Virtual Tours
     – Reputation Management (Reviews)

I know it’s a lot right? Which methods are the best for your business? How do you go about evaluating the options? What’s the correct way to develop and activate marketing campaigns? How can you tell if they’re working? What’s the ROI (Return On Investment) of each campaign?

Every business is different. Each one has unique goals, competitors, geographic areas, budgets, products, services, and marketing ideas. Tailoring a marketing plan to meet each one’s needs is essential to the success of it.

Smart business owners take a thoughtful approach when deciding how to market their company. Digital marketing services take planning and should include a method of measuring the results of those services.

There are plenty of small business online digital marketing companies out there promising all kinds of crazy things:

“How to rank on the first page of Google in 7 easy steps”
     – “10 ways to rank on the first page of Google”
     – “New marketing trends and strategies”
     – “Quick ways to enhance your online marketing”

The list goes on forever. Most digital marketing agencies are fairly reputable and are good at what they do. But some are not. The “results” they’re interested in are how quickly can they get your money in their bank accounts!

At Elevate Solutions Group, we don’t even get started until I have a complete understanding of the goals you want to achieve for your company. Then together we develop a plan that will get us to those goals.

Although I have a very talented marketing team that I work with, I personally work with all my clients one-on-one designing and tracking all projects to completion. I am very “hands-on” and believe that if you decide to enlist my services, I’m an active partner in building your business. My motto is that your success is my success.

If you’ve read this far then you’re probably serious about growing your business! I highly suggest you take the next step and book a meeting with me. Our first conversation is without any obligation. It’s our opportunity to “interview” each other to see if we’d be a good team for your company.

To get started just click here and set up a meeting by phone, video or in person.

We’ll have a chat and I guarantee you will at least learn a bit about digital marketing and how it can help your business.

I look forward to meeting you!